We have two farms in Peru, one of the most bio-diverse countries in the world. The conditions here for growing a wide range of highly valued crops are generally excellent.


You can find our farms in Northern Peru, on the western side of the Andes Mountains. It takes about 14 hours to drive here from Lima. One of the two farms is in the Motupe Valley, the other one is in Olmos. They are about 30 kilometres apart.

The farms have good access to one of Peru’s major ports, Paita, which provides easy access to essential markets in Europe, Asia and the US.


We grow table grapes, avocados, blueberries and stevia. However, we are also testing new horticulture crop varieties using the latest agricultural innovations.

Drone picture of the field at Motupe Farm in Peru
Blueberry picking in Olmos, Peru
Our farm in Motupe in Peru

Our certifications in Peru

We are carefully selecting certifications to provide assurance to our external partners and customers of our farming practices.

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The super food

Avocados are often called a "super food" thanks to the many health benefits they provide in a balanced diet. Ingleby grows avocados in Peru, where our avocado groves thrive in the mild coastal climate. Our main production is the dark green, pebbly skinned Hass variety. We also have a smaller production of the green skinned Pinkerton, Ettinger and Zutano, but these are mainly used as pollinisers. We harvest our avocados from March to May. Our avocados are internationally recognised for their quality.

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It is rewarding and challenging to work towards the goal of being good by doing good. We respect the environment, and we take care of each other and our families.
Pablo Ferreyros, Country manager in Peru
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This was once a desert

About 2505 football fields. That’s how much barren moonscape we bought in Ol-mos in 2013. We did so, partly because we knew that water would come—not from the sky, but from the mountains. It would flow through a 20-kilometer trans-Anden tunnel, enabling a century-old Peruvian dream of bringing life back to the desert.

This was once a desert – Peru
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