Who is Ingleby Farms?

Ingleby Farms is one of the leading agricultural companies in the production of high quality food through sustainable agriculture. As hands-on farmers and long-term owners of land, Ingleby Farms believes in farming in harmony with nature. Through regenerative farming practices, we build resilient farms, adapted to the increasingly unpredictable weather patterns. We farm with a 150-year perspective – and therefore, we are willing to invest in decisions, actions and innovation where the value only arises after extended periods of time. For us, it makes sense to improve our soils and nature, to minimise our impact on the climate and environment, to support local communities and to be good citizens.

Our approach to farming

Soil is the foundation of everything we do at Ingleby Farms. Healthy, living soil lies at the heart of Farming with Nature and it is the key to growing wholesome food while taking care of the environment, our teams, livestock and biodiversity on our natural and farmed lands.

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Harvesting sunlight
Photosynthesis converts sunlight, CO2 and water into sugar and oxygen.
Ecosystem engineers
Earthworms are often called ‘ecosystem engineers' for good reasons.
Bees and pollinators
Bees and pollinators. Pollination is an essential service provided by nature. We protect pollinators on-farm by enhancing habitats and reducing our impact.
Growing food
We believe that healthy soil will not only improve yields, but also the nutritional value of our products. We believe that there is a correlation between fertile soil, healthy plants and the quality of the grain, fruit or nut.