Growing food

We believe that our focus on creating healthy soil through regenerative agriculture principles will not only improve our yields, but also the nutritional value of our products. We believe that there is a correlation between fertile soil, healthy plants and the quality of the grain, fruit or nut.

We are specialists in growing high-quality, nutrient-dense crops. One example is blueberries, which we have been growing on our versatile farm, Campo D’Oro in our Lugoj hub in Romania since 2010. Today, we grow 200 hectares of blueberries and have become one of the leading growers in the country.

We are also growing hazelnuts, grains, seeds and have large areas grazed by our Aberdeen Angus cattle. All of this increases diversity on the farm and the surrounding landscape.  

Our selected blueberry varieties are adapted to the continental climate and with help from the warm summer and the many bees that live on our farm, our berries develop their natural flavour and deep blue colour, resulting in high quality and taste.  

Thanks to our diverse range of varieties, we can produce blueberries from June to late August. Once ripe, we carefully pick the blueberries, perform strict quality control, and store them in our cooling facilities within an hour. This is vital to secure quality and a longer shelf life, but also to maintain their health properties. Our blueberry production has been GLOBAL G.A.P. certified since 2016.  

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