Sustainability is our backbone

Ingleby Farms was born out of a vision to demonstrate that farming can be done in an environmentally and socially sustainable way while also being profitable. Our “Constitution”, the Ingleby Sustainability Memorandum, was developed back in 2006 and has served us well ever since.

Sustainability Memorandum

The main principle of our Sustainability Memorandum – that a farm in good heart is easily recognisable – is as valid as ever. As Ingleby Farms grew, the more farmers, customers, and other interested parties wanted to learn about us, and it became apparent that we needed to verify our actions with data and reporting standards.

In 2009, sustainability reporting in agriculture was a developing discipline. Thus, we created our own system by selecting from the best sustainability reporting in other industries to develop our own measures, KPI’s, databases and reporting standards to track our journey towards regenerative farming.

Many years later, when official frameworks emerged – such as the UN Sustainable Development Goals in 2015 – Ingleby Farms set the bar even higher, aspiring not only to be sustainable and hold a resource equilibrium, but to be regenerative and give more back to the environment than we take. Our metrics, KPIs and reporting standards, we believe, are still world leading in our industry.



With 11 years of data, our annual Production & Sustainability reporting is anchored in how we think and do things on our farms. Reporting helps us to track the development of each of our farms over time, using the data to make our farms even better, from soils, livestock and crops, to climate, biodiversity, safety, education and community outreach.

Lead by a sustainability team of five in the global office and many more involved around the world, sustainability reporting is a strong and well-established part of the Ingleby way, helping us uphold our values, and affirm our commitment to continuously striving to be better farmers.

Our 2030 commitments

Our Soil

Our Soil

Practice regenerative farming

our animals

Our Animals

Raise healthy and ethically treated animals

our nature trees

Our Nature

Protect and enhance biodiversity

our communities

Our Communities

Grow our people and communities

our climate

Our Climate

Farm for a greener future

Learn more about how we apply these commitments operationally in our sustainability reports.

Sustainability reports
Cover crops in Lithuania
Cover crops in Lithuania
Drone picture of the farm
Farming can be done in an environmentally and socially sustainable way while also being profitable.
Mette Duedahl Høyer, Chief Production & Sustainability Officer