Tropical dry forest

We protect 110 hectares of tropical dry forest at El Cholocal, Motupe.

We have surveyed, registered and marked all trees in the forest. There are over 2,500 of the very slow growing algarrobo trees (Prosopis pallida and Prosopis limensis). These carob trees seldom reach maturity in Peru because they are sought-after for their superior wood qualities. Many of our algarrobo trees are over a hundred years old.

The forest is home to an array of wildlife including skunks, foxes, squirrels, iguanas and various species of bird. Bird monitoring in the forest identified two globally endangered species; the Peruvian plantcutter (Phytotoma raimondii) and the Rufous flycatcher (Myiarchus semirufus).

To allow the forest to regenerate, we have secured it from grazers such as goats and limited human access.

We have also established a seed bank and nursery for the conservation and production of native Peruvian plant species. Our Peruvian team has collected over 750,000 seeds from 26 species. These will be used to regenerate the forest and neighbouring land.

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