This was once a desert

It looked like barren moonscape when we bought the farm in Olmos in 2013. We did so, partly because we knew that water would come—not from the sky, but from the mountains. It would flow through a 20-kilometer trans-Andean tunnel, enabling a century-old Peruvian dream of bringing life back to the desert.

The water came, and we rose to the challenge, adapting our agricultural know-how to the specific requirements of Olmos. We regenerated new topsoil, grew and harvested our first produce.

At Olmos, cover crops like sorghum, canavalia, and certain legumes accompany the crops after pruning. And beneficial insects are helping us become free from synthetic pesticides. Scaling up the production of these insects is, therefore, as essential to us as the water from the mountains.

Today, our part of this sun-baked valley of northern Peru is as green as our testament to regenerative farming. Olmos is an Ingleby farm that offers the world market concisely-grown avocados and blueberries, internationally recognised and decorated with certifications.