Committed to sustainable water management

We are very proud to share that our 200-hectare blueberry orchard in Romania, Campo D’Oro, just received the SPRING certification for their commitment to sustainable water management.

70% of the world’s freshwater resources are used for agriculture. As pressure on this limited resource grows, agricultural supply chains will depend on a sustainable approach to water management. As a result, food system stakeholders are now expected to provide evidence documenting their efforts to manage water risks and promote sustainable practices.⁠”⁠
-Global G.A.P.

Responsible water stewardship is a core practice in Ingleby Farms and one of our 2030 regenerative agriculture commitments. Our teams are constantly protecting our waterbodies and optimizing how we use the water. More crop per drop.

water captioning terrace
[More crop per drop]

Next to soil, water is our most precious natural resource. It irrigates our crops and pastures, provides fresh drinking water for livestock, and supports the most diverse habitats on our farms.  

To produce ‘more crop per drop’, we use the best irrigation systems, avoid unnecessary water-use, and recycle water where possible. Therefore it is natural for us to use nature-based solutions to conserver water and keep our rivers clean.  

One example is how we use terracing along slopes and keep grass waterways in low areas of our cropland. This helps us slow the velocity of water after rainfall, and at the same time protect our soils and waters by reducing sedimentation and erosion.  

[The SPRING certificate]

Sustainable Programme for Irrigation and Groundwater use certification is an add-on to the GLOBALG.A.P. certification. It entails an annual water audit, including extraction rates, consumption, impact on watershed, protection of water sources, and best practices in water management.

You can find more information on how to achieve the SPRING certicate on: the GlobalG.A.P. website.

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Sustainable irrigation
We never allow our water use to exceed the annual renewable supply of water.
Intelligent irrigation
State-of-the-art technology is used in Romania to irrigate our blueberries.
Protecting natural habitats
As part of our Farming with Nature principle, we strive to protect and enhance biodiversity. One way we do that is by designating and protecting areas for natural habitats and water bodies.