The backdrop for our two farms in the rural Latvian landscape is gently rolling hills and a patchwork of forests and fields.


The two farms in Lativa, Graudi and Dobele, are only a 20-minute drive apart. They are in the Semigallia region, southwest of Riga, close to the Lithuanian border and our Lithuanian farm Pagiriai.

360 hectares of the 6,744 hectares of total farmland in Latvia, are dedicated habitats for a wide range of species.


At Graudi and Dobele, we produce milling wheat, winter canola, milling rye, spring barley, black oats, broad beans and peas, as well as clover and grass seeds. We also have a growing sheep production of Texel/Gotland cross.

Both farms have a high crop yield potential due to mild summers, good rainfall, fertile soils with a deep root zone and good infrastructure for drainage.

A fox cub curiously exploring the area
A sunny day lighting up the winter charm at the farm
Sprayer on the field in Latvia
sheep grazing on cover crops in the winter time
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Clover is a good crop to include in the crop rotation. Besides being nitrogen-fixing it also helps to improve difficult soils and prevents erosion as a cover crop. Often, clover is planted as a part of the pasture mix for livestock, providing a high protein feed for grazing stock.

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Before I worked in farming, I thought it was all so simple. That you only had to put a seed in the ground and wait for it to give something back. But we are working with rocket science! Today, agriculture is experiencing totally new, radical innovations. I really enjoy how quick everything is developing, and I want to see more of it.
Edvins Zelvis, Technical manager in Latvia
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State of the art seed cleaning

Our seed cleaning facility in Latvia stands out, especially from a working environment viewpoint. The machinery does not generate any dust, partly because of a very good filter system, eliminating industry-type breathing masks.

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