Open farm days

We have open doors days on several farms each year, welcoming neighbours, local business partners and schools to visit our farms and learn more about our way of farming.

During 2018/19, more than 100 children visited our farms in Romania on our open farm days. These are annual events that we began in collaboration with local schools to establish good relationships with our communities. We are the only farm in the area doing this, so there is a great interest. Next year in Romania, we have three open farm days, one family day and a blueberry picking day planned.

We also arrange open farm days for families and business contacts, as well as arrange teaching days for local schools in Latvia and Lithuania. Children learn better through practical experience, so we try to coordinate the content of their visits with their teachers to fit their syllabus at school. During their visits we teach them about biology, and they get to see, smell and touch the plants at the same time.

A significant benefit of the open farm days is building relationships with our neighbours, who are also mostly farmers. We aim to inspire them with our ideas and approaches to sustainable farming and show that it is possible to produce high quality crops, be profitable and still protect the environment.