Clover seeds

Clover is a good crop to include in the crop rotation. Besides being nitrogen-fixing it also helps to improve difficult soils and prevents erosion as a cover crop.

Often, clover is planted as a part of the pasture mix for livestock, providing a high protein feed for grazing stock.

Flowering clover also attracts a variety of pollinators and is a good source of feed for bees.

We produce certified red and white clover seeds in Latvia, Lithuania, Romania and Tasmania.



The Ingleby way of farming

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We are long-term owners of land.

We own and manage 45 farms across the globe.

Harmony with nature

We believe in farming in harmony with nature.

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We farm with a 150-year perspective.

We farm to produce good, healthy food, and also to protect the environment for future generations.

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White clover in bloom
Clover and poppies in colorful bloom
White clover, San Ignacio, Argentina
Winter wheat and crimson clover