Original Black Aberdeen Angus

We breed our Black Aberdeen Angus entirely on natural pastures on our farms in Uruguay. Our animals spend their entire lives roaming the pastures as they were always meant to do.

Research shows that grass-fed beef contains lower fat content and better combination of Omega-3 and Omega-6*.

Our high-quality Aberdeen Angus beef

  • Premium quality (tenderness and juiciness)
  • Great flavour and proper marbling
  • 100% grass-fed and open-range
  • Strong nutritional properties

In Uruguay, our herd has been bred over many years to revert to the traits of the original Aberdeen Angus. Our original Aberdeen Angus has a more moderate frame-size, which is better suited for the type of regenerative grazing systems we use in Uruguay. Original Aberdeen Angus is better adapted to Uruguay grass growing conditions, which makes it easier for them to feed on grass only.

In addition, their body weight provides just the right amount of pressure from hooves to the ground, gently incorporating plant residues into the topsoil.

*A review of fatty acid profiles and antioxidant content in grass-fed and grain-fed beef, 2010 March, Cynthia A Daley, et. al.

Certified Uruguay Beef
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From farm to fork

We’re proud of our products and we know that a great tasting experience starts with the trust of our customers.

Uruguay meat exports follow the highest traceability standards in the world.

This is a commitment to the highest food safety standards and supply chain transparency. Securing traceability all the way from the farm to fork.

[Certified Beef]

Our certifications

We care for all our animals’ health and comfort in
how they are fed, handled and transported.

All our livestock is raised open-range year-round,
by people who have a passion for caring for


Never Ever 3

Guarantees meat comes from animals that never received antibiotics, hormones or proteins of animal origin during their lifetime.

Certified Natural Beef

The Certified Natural Meat Program follows a strict production and processing scheme, accredited by independent international certifying agencies, to produce top quality beef with all the sanitary guarantees, and traceability from the origin, offering thus the safest meat. Certified Natural Meat Program of Uruguay certifies the whole process that renders the meat product.

Certified Humane

Certified Humane Awarded by Humane Farm Animal Care and covers the animals’ entire lifetime. Requirements relate to nutritious diet without antibiotics, animals raised with shelters, resting areas, sufficient space and ability to engage in natural behaviour.

[Regenerative pratices]

Sustainable, living farms

We practice regenerative grazing on our natural grasslands.

This allows us to sequester carbon from the atmosphere and contributes to protect and enhance the native biodiversity for generations to come.