Grass-fed beef

We raise original Aberdeen Angus cattle for beef production. Our animals spend their entire lives roaming the pastures and natural grasslands as they were meant to do.

Our high-quality Aberdeen Angus beef

  • Premium quality (high tenderness and juiciness)
  • Great flavour and proper marbling
  • 100% grass-fed and open-range
  • Strong nutritional properties

Over time, we have adapted our Aberdeen Angus herds to local landscapes and conditions.

In Uruguay, for example, our herd has been bred over many years to revert to the traits of the original Aberdeen Angus. Whereas modern Angus typically has a bigger frame and has been bred to grow faster with the help of cereals, our original Aberdeen Angus has a more moderate frame-size, which is better suited for the type of regenerative grazing systems we use in Uruguay.

Original Aberdeen Angus is better adapted to Uruguay grass growing conditions. In addition, their body weight provides just the right amount of pressure from hooves to the ground, gently incorporating plant residues into the topsoil.

In New Zealand, on the other hand, a somewhat bigger size and strong legs are better suited for the Aberdeen Angus to thrive in the hilly landscape.

Grazing animals inoculate soils with dung and saliva, and there is a wealth of beetles, fungi and other organisms associated with this.

We produce grass-fed beef in Argentina, Australia, New Zealand, Romania and Uruguay.



When do we harvest?

Across Argentina, Australia, New Zealand, Romania and Uruguay

[Aberdeen Angus breed in Uruguay]

Our unique and certified Aberdeen Angus cattle in Uruguay are grass-fed and open-range. Our animals spend their entire lives roaming the pasture as they were meant to do. This leads to high quality beef, which has obtained the proper marbling, strong nutritional properties and great flavour.

Watch the video to get familiar with how we breed our Aberdeen Angus in Uruguay.



The Ingleby way of farming

our nature trees

We are long-term owners of land.

We own and manage 45 farms across the globe.

Harmony with nature

We believe in farming in harmony with nature.

150 years perspective old tree

We farm with a 150-year perspective.

We farm to produce good, healthy food, and also to protect the environment for future generations.

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Uruguay only

Uruguay only

Uruguay only

To provide assurance of our world leading practices, we have obtained selected certifications.

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Black Aberdeen Angus roaming the natural grasslands in Uruguay
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