Pure Black Aberdeen Angus

We breed our 100% pure Black Aberdeen Angus on natural grass-land on our farms in Uruguay. Our cattle spend their entire lives roaming the pastures year-round as they were always meant to do, tended by our people with a passion for caring for animals.

Our Aberdeen Angus beef

  • Great flavour and proper marbling
  • Tender and juicy beef
  • Grass-fed and open-range
  • Strong nutritional properties
  • Raised with highest standards of animal welfare
certified black angus beef
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Native Aberdeen Angus traits

In Uruguay, our herd has been bred over many years to revert to the traits of the native Aberdeen Angus breed, which is renowned and in high demand for its superior meat quality and good environmental adaptability.

Our cattle have a more moderate frame-size, which is better suited for the type of regenerative grazing systems we use in Uruguay and enables them to feed entirely on grass.

[Certified Beef]

Our certifications

Our selected certifications are a testament to our commitment to animal welfare and the quality of our beef. Below you can read more about what certified Angus beef is.

Certifications for our Ingleby beef
[Angus verified beef]

The Aberdeen Angus, associated with the highest meat quality, is consequently highly sought after. This popularity of the breed has led to numerous crossbred animals being marketed under the Angus name. These animals can carry the “Angus” label on product packaging and restaurant menus, despite deviating from the original breed’s characteristics, including size, texture and flavour.

To guarantee the purity of our bloodlines and the quality of our Aberdeen Angus products, our beef is certified through the Aberdeen Angus Breeders Society and bears the seals “ANGUS URUGUAY VERIFIED” or “ANGUS URUGUAY GRASSFED.” This certification assures our customers that they are purchasing authentic, high-quality Angus beef.

The certification program has strict requirements and detailed quality specifications to uphold the high standards of the beef. These standards include genetic selection criteria to ensure the breed’s purity, allowing only limited crossbreeding. At Ingleby Farms, our Angus cattle are 100% purebred, selected for superior genetic traits to enhance our breeding program and the quality of the meat.

Moreover, the certification requires the carcass to meet conformation standards, which dictate the animal’s build, age and fat thickness. Maintaining these standards demands meticulous attention to our breeding program and management of the cattle throughout their lives.

Certification under the Aberdeen Angus Breeders Association not only guarantees an exceptional eating experience but also protects the integrity of the breed lines and confirms the purity of our animals.

[Certified Humane]

The welfare of our animals is a top priority. To underline this, we became the first certified humane beef company in Latin America.

Being Certified Humane means, we meet strict standards for animal care through-out the entire lifecycle of our cattle – from birth at our farms, through the daily management and handling, to the transportation and finishing at the abattoir.

The certification scheme emphasises that animals are raised in a caring environment, receive nutritious feed and are managed by skilled professionals. Every step is done with care and respect.

We are inspected every year to ensure our practices continue to meet these high standards. This certification assures our customers that our beef is produced ethically and responsibly.

[Never Ever 3 and Natural Meat]

Our beef carrying the Never Ever 3 certification seal is a guarantee to our customers and consumers, that the cattle have never received hormones, antibiotics or fed animal-based feed in their entire lifespan. If an animal requires treatment with an-tibiotics, it is removed from the program. Instead, it is transferred to the Natural Meat program.

Read more about the Never Ever 3 beef and Natural Meat programs.

The three pillars of the Never Ever 3 protocol give assurance that our beef comes from cattle raised on a natural diet, ultimately delivering a healthier product free from additives commonly found in beef production.

Our beef production undergoes annual inspections to verify that our practices comply with the qualifications and standards required to maintain the certification.

[The qualities of grass fed beef]

Exceptional eating experience

Not all certified Angus beef is grass fed. For many of our customers and ourselves this is however a priority, for a number of reason.

Grass fed beef offers an exceptional eating experience; known for its tenderness and juiciness. It supports the health and wellbeing of the animal during its up-bringing.

certified angus beef nutrition

Nutrition facts

Additionally, Angus beef has shown to provide certain nutrition health benefits: having a naturally improved balance of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, being richer in essential nutrients and antioxidants and with a lower fat content*.

Research carried out by Pasture for Life Associations found these nutritional bene-fits in Grass fed beef:

“Grass-fed meat tends to be lower in total fat and also has higher levels of ‘good fats’ such as omega-3. Milk and meat from grass-fed animals also has higher vita-min levels, particularly vitamins A (β-carotene) and E(α-tocopherol). Some studies also show higher mineral levels. Higher levels of Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) in pasture-fed meat and dairy products may offer a potent defence against heart disease, diabetes and cancer.”

Further research is needed to confirm these nutrition facts, but they are promising and suggest that grass-fed Angus beef could be a healthier choice for consumers.

Lower carbon footprint

Choosing 100% grass-fed Angus is often a more environmentally conscious option. This is due to their smaller size and grass-based diet, as opposed to grain. Further, Angus cattle thrive on grass and require less feed than other breeds to yield the same quantity of high-quality meat. These characteristics contribute to a lower carbon footprint in beef production**.

All our Aberdeen Angus cattle are grass fed, raised on a lifelong diet of fresh grass without any grain supplement. They roam freely every day of the year and are never confined in feedlots. You will see, that our beef carries the “ANGUS URUGUAY GRASSFED” seal.

certified black angus beef