GlobalG.A.P SPRING certified in Peru and Romania

Updated: 24 September 2024

Ingleby Farms is proud to announce that our farms in Peru and Romania have achieved SPRING certification. This accomplishment reflects our commitment to responsible water management, as outlined in the Sustainable Program for Irrigation and Groundwater Use (SPRING).

The certification process, audited annually, involves adherence to a comprehensive set of standards, including water use and extraction rates, compliance with legal requirements, water resource management and environmental stewardship focused on protecting water sources.

The certification is tried, tested and trusted in over 25 countries worldwide.

Through the establishment of annual objectives, SPRING contributes to our ongoing improvement in how we manage water on our farms.

Motupe water reservoirs

Annual audits

SPRING is an add-on to the GlobalG.A.P. certification. It entails an annual water audit that includes the following criteria:

  • Legal conformity of water sources and extraction rates.
  • Monitoring of water consumption.
  • Impact of producers on sustainable watershed management.
  • Best practices in water management.
  • Protection of water sources.
  • Measures to demonstrate continuous improvement of water management.
drip irrigation avocados Peru
[Ingleby Farms Peru]

First farms certified in Peru 2021

In March 2021 our Farms in Peru were the first ones to achieve SPRING certification. In the first year, our primary goals were to train our staff in optimal water management techniques and achieve a 0.5% reduction in water usage compared to the previous year.

These efforts will be evaluated in the next audit, after which we will establish a new target for further reducing our total water consumption in the subsequent year.

[Ingleby Farms Romania]

200 hectares SPRING certified blueberry orchard

In August 2022 we could proudly share that our 200-hectare blueberry orchard in Romania, Campo D’Oro, was granted the SPRING certification, too.

Following the acquisition of SPRING certification in Romania, our focused water management practices include:

  • Reduce water use from wells by 2.5% each year.
  • Reduce overall water usage for irrigation by 2% each year.
  • More effectively collect rainwater to increase the proportion of rainwater used in irrigation by 50% each year.

By using collected rainwater from reservoirs for irrigation, we aim to consistently reduce our reliance on well water, because this water source is shared with our surrounding communities. Our objective is to achieve a 2.5% reduction in well water usage annually.

irrigation reservoir on our farm in Romania

Our overall goal is to reduce water-use for irrigation by 2% annually. This reduction is achieved through the deployment of smart irrigation systems and soil moisture monitoring, so we only irrigate when necessary.

Between 2022 and 2023 , while we did not achieve a reduction in water usage from wells, we surpassed our target of reducing overall irrigation by 2%, achieving an 11% reduction. Additionally, we made significant progress towards our goal of using 50% rainwater for irrigation, reaching 30% in 2023.

Tackling the challenges of sustainable water management

Our ambitious goals demand considerable effort from our farm teams. A key challenge is achieving a balance between reducing water usage and maintaining high-quality food production, especially as climate change leads to higher temperatures and increased evapotranspiration – the process of water moving from the soil and plants into the air.

We continuously look for methods to using water in more sustainable ways. One solution we have developed, is our own system of harvesting rainwater, storing it and then using it for irrigation. In 2023 we harvested 117,000 m3 of rainwater in our reservoirs in Romania.

Despite challenges, our commitment to responsible water management remains a top priority with dedicated key metrics, both in our 2030 commitments as well as long-term objectives. We utilise smart irrigation systems to minimise water wastage and implement water recycling where possible, aiming for efficient crop production with minimal water use.

Additionally, we extend our focus beyond irrigation, actively monitoring and protecting nearby water bodies through the establishment of uncultivated buffer zones and fencing.

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