Farming with Nature 2022/23

In 2019, we committed ourselves to regenerative farming practices, or as we call it in daily terms: Farming with Nature. We use evidence-based solutions, and we measure and track all our practices to provide reliable data and consistent reporting.

In the past year, we have continued our efforts to reduce the carbon we emit, cut our use of synthetic pesticides, improve the safety of our teams and actively foster healthy living soils. All to protect our climate, care for our teams and to benefit nature. We are protecting and setting aside arable land for nature, and we continue to improve ways of farming in a more nature-friendly and biodiversity-supporting way. Every year we publish our Farming with Nature report, to show you how we are working with all these different areas and how we are progressing.

Read our newest Farming with Nature report here to find out more about our achievements from the 2022/23 financial year.

Happy reading!