In the rolling foothills and rugged tops of the Carpathian mountains, our natural forests of mixed-species mesmerise its visitors, while our fertile farmland beyond the mountains continuously delivers on its promise of a rich harvest.


You can find our three farms a one-hour drive east of Timisoara, the third-largest city in Romania. And our three forests is a one-hour drive north-west of Bucharest.


We produce cereal and oilseed crops, including barley, canola, corn, sorghum, soy, wheat, beans, peas and lucerne. We also produce grass- and clover seeds, blueberries and hazelnut.

For land that isn’t suitable for crop production, we have chosen to integrate Aberdeen Angus. The cattle helps us diversify our operation and build organic matter in the soil.

Our forest management follows a long and proud tradition of sustainable forest management and is home to some of the most extensive mixed-species forests in Europe. This means that we have more than 19 different timber species in our Romanian forests, from softwood such as spruce, lime and fir, to hardwood species such as oak, beech, maple, hornbeam, cherry and ash.

Wheat field in Romania
A drone picture of the farm in Romania
Lush greens in our Romanian forest

Our certifications in Romania

We are carefully selecting certifications to provide assurance to our external partners and customers of our farming practices.

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Naturally delicious blueberries from Romania

On our farms in Romania, we grow 8 varieties, chosen to suit the Romanian climate and soils. Paired with excellent farming principles, we consistently produce large and tasty berries of high quality.

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Here in Romania, we have 2,381 hectares of forests designated as hunting-free areas, where game has a safe haven for breeding.
Gabriel Miron, Country Manager in Romania
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Amongst grey wolfs and wild cats

To manage parts of the largest expanses of mixed species forests in Europe is humbling. So, it goes without saying that we do not use intensive harvesting and never make clear cuts. Instead, we use cover forestry systems so the woods can regenerate as nature intended. We only remove the mature trees in a stand once it is fully populated with new young trees, a process that takes about 30 years.

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State-of-the-art technology is used in Romania to irrigate our blueberries.
Growing food
We believe that healthy soil will not only improve yields, but also the nutritional value of our products. We believe that there is a correlation between fertile soil, healthy plants and the quality of the grain, fruit or nut. 
Open farm days
We have open doors days on several farms each year, welcoming neighbours, local business partners and schools to visit our farms and learn more about our way of farming.