Burrel Ranch is the name of our farm in the USA. It is located in the Joaquin Valley, California, sometimes described as “the nation’s fruit basket”. The range of fruits, nuts and vegetables grown in this valley is vast and abundant.


The beauty of Joaquin Valley is only surpassed by the riches of its birdlife, a spectacularity, which we systematically work to preserve. To enhance the farm’s wildlife, we have planted over 21 kilometres of hedgerows, native grasses, bushes and avenues of oaks. We have also created a wetland on 12 hectares and a flood zone on 81 hectares—havens for native species on land and in the air.


Ingleby Farms’ main crop on Burrel Ranch is pistachio. 85 per cent of the land is arable.

Cover crops on our Pistachio farm
Water reservoir at our Burrel Ranch
Pistachios for as long as the eye can see
Bees are a welcome and beneficial insect on our pistachio farm

Our certifications

We are carefully selecting certifications to provide assurance to our external partners and customers of our farming practices.

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Pistachios of highest standard

Pistachios must be hulled and dried within 12 hours of harvest. Failure to do so will result in a stained and degraded product. To ensure our pistachios are of the highest quality, we therefore have our own pistachio hulling, drying and storage facilities on farm. Our pistachio production meets the highest environmental standards

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I am proud of being part of creating a company focused on being a good neighbour.
Gary Smith, Country Manager, USA
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Barn Owls

At our ranch in Burrel, California, Ingleby Farms has worked with local wildlife groups and schools to recover, release, and provide homes for injured owls since 2017. By increasing the population of owls, we have been able to balance the animals that can damage crops and their natural predators, in this case, the owls.

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