New Zealand

Our two hubs of farms in New Zealand are both located on the northern island, where open pastures roll endlessly, displaying every nuance of green imaginable.


You find one hub of two farms on the East Coast, 2 hours by car north of Gisborne. The other hub of two farms is located on the West Coast, in King Country, 2,5 hours, by car, from Auckland.


On our farms in New Zealand, we produce high-quality grass-fed beef and lamb from sheep and cattle that graze all year in the green surroundings. We owe this to the high rainfall and mild climate.

Cattle on our Katoa farm in new Zealand
Sheep exploring the hills in Puketiti
Welcome to Riverlea farm
A beautiful view from Matahiia
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Coarse wool

As a natural fibre, wool is an environmentally friendly alternative to mass-produced synthetic fibres. Also, garments produced from wool have the ability to regulate temperature, allowing the skin to breathe and adapt to changing environmental conditions.

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I quite like the fact that Ingleby is family-oriented and that there are reinvestments in the properties for improvement.
Kevin Jordan, Farm manager in NZ
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The cave beetle in Puketiti

In Maori, Puketiti means hill with long streaks of clouds. The grass- and woodland of our Puketiti farm, Puketiti Station, also have limestone caves and rivers under its cloud-streaked landscape. And in one of those caves, researchers from the New Zealand Speleological Society discovered a rare cave beetle in 2021.

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