Our farm in Lithuania is certified organic since 2023/24. This makes Pagiriai, which is its name, the farm where our goal to become synthetic pesticide-free has advanced the furthest.


Pagiriai lays between several large forests and have 42 hectares of dedicated, so-called environmental areas. It only takes 3 hours by car to travel from Pagiriai to our two farms in the neighbouring country, Latvia.


More than 90% of the farm is arable, and we produce milling wheat, winter canola, milling rye, spring barley, sugar beets, faba beans, phacelia, clover and grass seeds. We are also conducting field trials with other crops and have a berry test plot at the farm.

Cover crops on our field in Lithuania
Harvesting sugar beets on our Pagiriai farm
Sunrise over Pagiriai farm in Lithuania
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Sugar beets

Cultivated for centuries, sugar beets account for almost all sugar production in Europe. It is the most important plant for natural sugar production after sugar canes.

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Farming is the most important job in the world. Our children will want food that has been produced in an ethical way.
Rasmus Juul Christoffersen, COO & Country Manager Latvia & Lithuania
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More than organic

In 2020, when we started our 3-year journey to convert our Lithuanian farm to certified organic, we knew that it would be challenging, yet a natural step further up our own green alley.

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