Grass-fed lamb

We produce high quality grass-fed lamb.

In New Zealand and Australia, the abundant water and mild climates allow grass growth most of the year. This contributes to healthy, nutritious, tender lamb with a natural mild flavour. Our sheep there are mainly crossbreeds of Perendale, Romney and Finnsheep. They are kept open range and graze on pastures all year round.

In Latvia,  our sheep are Texel/Gotland crosses. They are kept open range and graze on pastures most of the year, too, except for the cold Latvian winter season.

We aim to provide the consumer with the best meat and eating experience possible. This refers not only to taste and tenderness, but also animal welfare and caring for the environment our sheep and lambs are raised in.

We continously improve our farming practices to ensure the best possible animal welfare, genetics and meat quality.

The Ingleby way of farming

our nature trees

We are long-term owners of land.

We own and manage 45 farms across the globe.

Harmony with nature

We believe in farming in harmony with nature.

150 years perspective old tree

We farm with a 150-year perspective.

We farm to produce good, healthy food, and also to protect the environment for future generations.

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Jumping sheep, Mt Elephant, Australia
Ram lamb grazing, Latvia
Sheep grazing on vast fields, Boobyalla Park, Australia
The sun setting over the sheep and lamb, Latvia