Our work culture

Our success is based on our teams’ skills, hands-on approach, hard work and dedication. Below you have a chance to meet some of our competent people, who are behind the sustainable development and care of our farms, crops, and animals in the different Ingleby countries.

[Culture Values]


Across all our farms this year, we have grown 8.5 million calories per productive hectare, enough to feed 697,000 people per year

Taking sustainable agriculture further by adopting regenerative agricultural practices

Healthier soils through regenerative agriculture will improve our farms’ resilience to extreme weather, safeguarding food production

Our crop production yields have increased 2% on average each year since 2010, and our milk, meat and wool yields have increased 4% on average each year


Agile Ways of Working

Started freshwater stream monitoring on our New Zealand farms to assess effects of environmental improvements on water quality

Measured, adjusted, and upgraded pumps and drip irrigation systems on our Californian farm, improving water-use efficiency

In Uruguay, we have built three new water reservoirs for irrigation, securing more consistent water supply for crops

Erosion control structures installed on one of our Romanian farms. We also created a new irrigation lake in low-lying land, capable of holding 135,000 cubic metres of water


The importance of culture to your company

We employ around 3,100 people on our orchards in Peru, compared to 1,100 five years ago. Investing in and developing high-value crops creates many jobs in our communities. Also in Peru, we started building a picker’s village to accommodate teams during busy periods

Half of our countries’ teams this year achieved Ingleby Farms’s internal goal of 2% of work hours spent in training. On the Ingleby Farm global level, exactly 2% of our work hours were spent in training

Gender diversity and equal opportunities are important to us. This year, womenmade up 25% of Ingleby Farms’ Board, and 33% of global executive and middle management roles

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