Ingleby Peru wins AGAP Awards for Environmental Care and Agricultural Innovation

Ingleby Peru has recently achieved a significant milestone, being awarded the AGAP 2023 Sustainability Recognition in the categories of “Environmental Care” and “Innovation and Technology”.

These important awards were presented at the second edition of AGROFEST , an event organised by the Association of Peruvian Agricultural Producers’ Guilds (AGAP). The award aims to acknowledge programs, projects, and initiatives that significantly contribute to the development of good agricultural practices with social, economic and environmental impacts.


Pioneering efforts to lower environmental impact

Among Ingleby Peru’s award-winning initiatives is “VIVA El Cholocal”, which is dedicated to the protection of forest biodiversity, focusing primarily on native species.

This initiative includes various activities such as operating a seed bank, managing a native plant nursery and creating the unique Choloque soap . Additionally, it involves efficient water treatment and reuse, planting native plants to promote green areas, sowing mud balls for afforestation and monitoring local wildlife to support the region’s fauna.

Another winning project was the “MicroBioCultiva Lab”. This project involves re-searching and producing native beneficial microorganisms aimed at reducing the reliance on synthetic fertilisers and pesticides. The project has successfully isolated nitrogen-fixing bacteria, phosphorus solubilisers, organic matter degraders and biostimulants.

Besides reducing the need for synthetic inputs, these efforts have led to more efficient water use, improved soil microbiological balance and disease prevention in our crops.

Receiving AGAP award 2023
AGAP award 2023 VIVA El Cholocal
[Leading by example ]

Sparking inspiration in the agricultural sector

Naturally, we are committed to investing in projects like these to enhance and adapt our own agricultural practices.

But when it comes to producing food, we have always believed in the necessity of taking action to adjust to the evolving climate and environmental demands, too. And we experience this need growing increasingly urgent with each passing day.

We hope that with recognitions like these awards, our efforts will serve as both encouragement and as a catalyst for agricultural practices at scale, much like our own, to explore and adopt ways of farming which will benefit nature .