We always love seeing photos and videos from all of our farms. And we would like to award your efforts with a chance to have your photo featured on the main cover photo for the next Farming with Nature report. The winner will also get a package of three new items from the merchandise shop: Ingleby Farms Merchandise Shop

How to enter the competition

Upload your photo(s) to our company media library on Skyfish. Once you have logged into Skyfish using your personal login, go to the country folder, which matches the location of where the photo was taken and upload it here. If you see a farm folder within the country folder, you can upload the photo to the farm folder, if it coincides with the location of your photo. Otherwise just put it in the country folder.


You can rename your photo, if you want to give it a descriptive name of what is portrayed in the photo. You do not have to add your name, as we have access to see who uploaded which photos.


You can access Skyfish in your web browser via this link:  https://signin.skyfish.com/


Or you can download the app. It might be easier for you to upload the photos to the app directly from your phone. Search for Skyfish in your app store. You log in with your Ingleby account (your Ingleby email and personal password). If you don’t have one yet, please contact Kia at kia@inglebyfarms.com, and she’ll set one up for you.

On 1 September 2023 we will find a winner, so make sure to upload your photos before this date.

What photos are we looking for?

Your imagination is more or less the limitation. We would love to see photos from your everyday work in your location. Capture how we practice regenerative farming, the diversity on the farms, the crops and horticulture you grow or the livestock you care for.