Vegetables & legumes

We produce different vegetables and legumes on our farms.

Our crops are adapted to the local climates, and they are harvested at the right time to ensure quality and nutrient content.



The potato originates from the Andes Mountains of South America but is today grown all over the world. As the world's fourth largest food crop it is a main vegetable on most dinner tables.

Potatoes are great sources of vital minerals, vitamins and nutrients. It is also rich in healthy dietary fiber.

With their rich, sandy topsoil and a stable supply of irrigation water, our farms in Tasmania have the optimal location for the production of high-quality potatoes.


Broad beans


Broad beans, like green peas, are a legume. High in protein and fiber, beans are also one of the best plant sources of minerals like iron, potassium and calcium. 

We use broad beans in our crop rotation to increase plant available nitrogen in the soil, which allows us to reduce our fertiliser requirement.

We grow broad beans for human consumption and animal feed in Romania, Latvia and Lithuania and Victoria.




Peas are a part of the legume family and fix nitrogen, thus improving soil fertility.

Peas have a low caloric value, contain almost every essential vitamin and mineral, and have a high fiber and protein content.

We grow peas for animal feed as well as human consumption.