We produce a wide variety of high quality seeds on our farms worldwide.

Our seed productions are fully certified and adapted to the specifications of our customers.

Grass seeds


We produce a wide selection of EU and OECD certified grass seeds in Uruguay, Tasmania, Latvia, Lithuania and Romania.

Besides being grown for seed production, grasses are also an important crop to help improve soil condition and structure. They prevent soil erosion and enhance biodiversity by providing feed and shelter for wildlife.

In Romania, we have our own grass seed cleaning line, which allows us to clean and bag seeds into any specification requested by our customers.


Clover seeds


Clover is a good crop to include in the crop rotation. Besides being nitrogen-fixing it also helps to improve difficult soils and prevents erosion as a cover crop.

Often, clover is planted as a part of the pasture mix for livestock, providing a high protein feed for grazing stock.

Flowering clover also attracts a variety of pollinators and is a good source of feed for bees.

We produce certified red and white clover seeds in Latvia, Lithuania, Romania and Tasmania.