Lamb & Wool

Our sheep are mainly crossbreeds of Perendale, Romney and Finnsheep. They are kept open range and graze on pastures all year round.

We continously improve our farming practices to ensure the best possible animal welfare, genetics and meat quality.



We produce high quality grass-fed lamb in New Zealand and Australia. Here, the abundant water and mild climates allow grass growth most of the year. This contributes to healthy, nutritious, tender lamb with a natural mild flavour.

Annually, we care for more than 53,000 sheep and raise more than 61,000 lambs.

As one of the largest lamb meat producers in our regions, we aim at providing the consumer with the best meat and eating experience possible. This refers not only to taste and tenderness but also animal welfare and caring for the environment our sheep and lambs are raised in.




As a natural fibre, wool is an environmentally friendly alternative to mass-produced synthetic fibres. Also, garments produced from wool have the ability to regulate temperature, allowing the skin to breathe and adapt to changing environmental conditions.

We produce coarse wool in New Zealand and Australia as a by-product of our lamb production.

Our sheep are shorn 1-2 times each year, which produces between 300 - 400 tonnes of wool annually.