First Certified Humane® beef in Latin America

Ingleby Farms is the first Certified Humane® beef company in Latin America. The Certified Humane® logo appears on its exported beef products and on products consumed locally in Uruguay, where seven farms with 60 employees are responsible for 17,000 head of cattle, raised open-range, without confinement. Uruguay differs from most other countries in Latin America, in that it has no mountains and very little natural forest. Over 80% of Uruguay’s land area can be used for agriculture and the temperate climate and natural grasslands lend themselves to livestock production.

Since its founding in 1998, Ingleby Farms’ vision of being world-leading sustainable farmers has continuously driven the development of farms producing sound, healthy food on thriving and living farms. Ingleby Farms work hard to grow crops and rear livestock, while actively promoting biodiversity, fertile soils, animal welfare, and greener energy sources.

Mamma cow with calf
Animal welfare has always been a top priority for us.
Rafael Leguísamo, Business Development Manager, Uruguay
[The certification]

Certified Humane

The certification, awarded by Humane Farm Animal Care (HFAC) September 2020, covers the animals’ entire lifetime and requires that:

  • All animals must be free to move and not be confined.  
  • All animals must be able to exhibit natural behaviours.  
  • All animals must have sufficient protection from weather elements and live in an environment that promotes well-being, including daily access to pasture.  
  • Food additives such as antibiotics, hormones, growth promoters and animal by-products are prohibited.
  • Managers and caretakers must be thoroughly trained, skilled and competent in animal husbandry and welfare. 

The program also certifies animal welfare practices at the processor’s facilities including transport and handling. This means that the whole supply chain from the animal is born until it is slaughtered, operates with good animal welfare procedures.  

For more information, visit Certified Humane at

[Open-range and grass-fed]

All livestock are open-range and grass-fed on pastures and natural grasslands and Ingleby Farms raises Black Aberdeen Angus cattle for beef production. Black Aberdeen Angus is a hardy breed, easy to handle, and produces a premium quality meat product. Grass-fed beef comes from cattle raised only on grass or other forage. These cattle spend all their lives outside where they graze on pasture and natural grasslands. In Uruguay, Ingleby Farms’ grass-fed beef production has achieved certifications guaranteeing that their cattle are raised open-range, free of antibiotic and hormones, and have full traceability throughout their lives.

Open-range Black Aberdeen Angus in Uruguay
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First Certified Humane beef in Latin America
Ingleby Farms is the first Certified Humane® beef company in Latin America.
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