Western Australia

Ingleby's farming operation in Western Australia consists of five farms which together total 7,560 hectares.

The farms are used largely for cropping. Crops grown include high quality wheat, malting barley and canola.

The farms themselves have good soils and are in an area known for stable rainfall and mild temperatures over the growing season. This means that we are able to reliably produce crops with a good yield and consistent quality.

All the farms are located in close proximity to grain handling facilities and transport routes which makes the logistics of running the business efficient and relatively simple.


We take a keen interest in the environmental management of our land and integrate good land care practices into our day-to-day farm processes. Natural, healthy soils are created by the use of composted fertilisers and clover and legumes are regularly included in our crop rotations.

There are large areas of native bushland, grassland and water ways which are protected so that biodiversity is promoted and maintained. This has excellent flow on effects for the areas that we cultivate. Over 1,000 hectares are completely dedicated to natural habitats.

There are many species of native eucalypts including the rare “Mt Yule” gum which we have helped propagate in native areas from seed.

Animals that live and breed in these natural areas include many different types of kangaroo and a species of cockatoo known as “Carnaby’s Black Cockatoo” which has been threatened for many years in Western Australia due to a lack of nesting areas.