Victoria, Australia

The farm, in the shadow of Mount Elephant, is located in the Western District of Victoria.

The farm is 4,770 hectares, which includes 2,944 hectares of arable cropping land, 1,286 hectares of pasture and the remainder remnant vegetation, shelter belts, laneways, watercourse, rocky barrier and wetland areas.


We grow wheat, barley, canola, beans, oats and ryegrass for silage production. The farm also runs 8,000 composite breeding ewes.


At the north end of the property there is a never failing spring supplying all paddocks. More than 30 large dams support the drought-proof water supply to the entire farm.


The property is divided by a broad band of lava rocks from when Mount Elephant was an active volcano. In combination with the natural springs, a distinctive wildlife is found in this area. It serves as a habitat for the Corangamite Water Skink as well as the Golden Sun Moth, which both are considered critically endangered in Victoria. We are fencing off and protect these important habitats on our farm.

In the cropping fields, we are using raised beds along with strategic drainage to avoid water logging and obtain maximum yields in all conditions. The raised bed farming requires machinery to pass up and down the furrows. This means the soil in the beds is never compacted by machinery.