United States

Ingleby manages one farm in the United States, California. The total amount of land is 1,789 hectares.


Our main crop are pistachios.


The farm is located in the San Joaquin Valley, sometimes called “the nation’s fruit basket” because of the great range of fruits, nuts and vegetables grown in its fertile soil.


Irrigation water is critical for the San Joaquin Valley. The most efficient irrigation systems are used, and research is done on the sustainability of irrigated horticulture.


It is an area with a special kind of beauty and a spectacular bird life, which Ingleby works hard to preserve.


In order to enhance the wildlife on the farm, we have planted over 21 kilometres of hedgerows, native grasses, bushes and avenues of oaks. We have also established a 12 hectare wetland called Murphy Slough and allowed an 81 hectare flood zone to return to native species and an avian sanctuary.


We run a successful owl protection and restoration programme. Working with local wildlife groups and schools, we recover and release injured owls on the property and we maintain owl boxes to provide homes for them. In turn, the owls eat rodents that are harmful to the crops and have reduced the use of rodenticides.


We are working with public and private wildlife restoration and preservation entities to expand our avian restoration programme to other raptor species.


Working with the premier native plant specialist in the San Joaquin Valley, we have documented all the plant life along our natural areas. We are finalising a simple, but comprehensive, plan for husbandry management of the native areas. This will continue to enhance our native species in flora and fauna and deter non-native species’ growth.”
Gary R. Smith, Ingleby United States