Ingleby manages six farms in Tasmania, which totals 9,013 hectares.


In Tasmania we have the most diverse production.


We run 22,000 breeding ewes and 500 breeding cows. With a yearly production of 31,000 lambs, we are one of the largest lamb meat producers in Tasmania.


We also grow crops like onions, potatoes, barley, wheat, poppies, peas and grasses as well as white clover and carrot seeds.


Finally we have an annual production of milk of about 9.5 million litres, from 3,000 Holstein Friesian dairy cows all produced on grass 365 days per year.





On all our Tasmanian farms, we protect native flora and fauna.


Around 1,900 hectares are nature reserves. These areas include fragile coastal sand dunes, pristine rivers, wetlands and natural habitats for threatened and endangered species, such as green and gold frogs, sand grass-trees, fairy terns, white-bellied eagles, masked owls, Tasmanian devils and giant freshwater lobsters.


We preserve our old black peppermint trees, protect remnant native vegetation, plant riparian corridors and protect native flora from stock damage by fencing all habitats and creeks.


We also plant trees as wind breaks and for landscape enhancement.


In 2013, our farm team at Clovelly won the Tasmanian Landcare award “Innovation in Sustainable Farm Practices.” This award is not just about using the latest irrigation and effluent management technology. It was awarded us because we also have a strong environmental bend. One third of the farm is fenced-off, protecting vegetation, wetlands, waterways and coastal areas.” Stephen Creese, Ingleby Tasmania