We manage three farms in Romania. The farms are located 53 kilometres east of Timisoara in Timis county and total 12,108 hectares.


The fertile soil and favourable climate make the country suitable for many types of agriculture.


Our crops in Romania include soya, sunflower, grass seed, sorghum and wheat.
We have also recently begun growing high quality blueberries in Romania.


On our farms, we have put a lot of effort into improving the buildings, surroundings and soil fertility.


We have planted trees and created more than 20 lakes to attract wildlife. We often see deer, wild pigs and wolfs in the area.


Tormac farm almost encircles the village of Sipet. Around 2,000 trucks rumble in and out of the village annually, creating the constant dust and noise for the 800 villagers. Our new farm site is 2km east of Sipet. We can access the farm centre without going through Sipet, which will benefit Ingleby but most importantly the villagers.”
Anders Værge, Ingleby Romania Farms