With our continued focus on high value crops, we have expanded to 1,977 ha in Peru. Our farms are located in the Motupe Valley and in the Olmos development.


We mainly grow table grapes, avocados and blueberries. However, we are also testing new crop varieties, and state of the art technology in order to continue innovating.


Peru is one of the most bio-diverse countries in the world and holds potential growing opportunities for a wide range of high-valued and speciality crops.


Our farms are ideally located for exports, having good access to Paita, one of Peru's mayor ports. This in turn provides access to the most important markets in the world, such as Europe, the Far East and North America.


We reproduce our own beneficial insects and use biological corridors to connect our fields thereby reducing the need for pesticides.


We preserve and protect a dry forest to form a natural reserve. When possible we also enhance the natural habitats and protect endangered species.


The demand for avocados is growing. It is a rich fruit with many health benefits. We can harvest avocados from El Cholocal before farms in southern Peru and California, and after Spain, so it is a good market opportunity. Grapes grow all year round and by managing the harvest to occur before the Chilean production, we will be able to sell at good prices in the US and Europe."

Pablo Ferreyros, Ingleby Peru