New Zealand

Ingleby has four farms in New Zealand. The total land area is 6,735 hectares.


Our main production is premium beef, lamb, wool and manuka honey.


The rainfall in New Zealand is high, varying between 950-2,500 mm, spread evenly throughout the year. This produces stunning native forest, and makes New Zealand ideal for pastoral farming.


The mild climate allows grass to grow ten months a year. Cattle and sheep can graze all year in clean and natural surroundings.


We plant trees for bees to ensure pollen availability all year round. We use New Zealand native trees along with manuka. We have planted more than 50,000 manuka seedlings to retire erosion prone land and enhance honeybee habitats.


To enhance the farm, we are planting avenues on our internal roads as well as amenity trees for stock shade and shelter, and to promote biodiversity.



Puketoro is rugged, but I like the rough country and it’s always a challenge. The scenery here is incredible. There is something about this place that even on a wet day when it’s windy and horrible, it’s beautiful and I still want to get out there.”
Anita Radford, Ingleby New Zealand