In Lithuania we have one farm of 2,822 hectares and lease an additional 170 hectares. We have 2,794 hectares in production, growing winter wheat, winter canola, winter rye (hybrid) as well as spring barley and beans.


The farm consists of several medium to large sized fields scattered in each of two areas (Paigirai and Sesikei).


The farm has relatively high crop yield potential due to mild summers, good rainfall, and soils of moderate fertility and deep root zone where drainage infrastructure is maintained.


The farm is located in a beautiful and nature rich area surrounded by large forests. We have 42 hectares of natural areas, with trees, bushes and small ponds.



When I first joined Ingleby, we were initially looking into Latvia only, but I also suggested Lithuania, as the country has very good soils, a reasonable climate and is politically very stable. Winters can be harsh on the crops and every once in a while too much rain during the harvest can affect the yields, so this will be a challenge.” Jesper Brunhøj Jensen, Ingleby Latvia & Lithuania