Ingleby manages nine highly fertile farms in Argentina. The farms are mostly arable, and the total amount of land is 12,536 hectares.


We farm in Argentina’s lush central area, the “pampa humeda” (humid pampa). This area contains some of the world’s best farmland.


Our main crops include soya, corn, wheat, sunflower, barley and sorghum.


Argentina is also famous for the quality of its beef. In most areas of the country, cattle can graze all year round. The cattle areas are rich in biodiversity and on Ingleby farms the cattle are managed to maintain this vital balance.






We have many ponds on our farms that are fed by windmills, ensuring water year-round. The result is a great diversity of birds and wildlife.


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All Ingleby farms in South Buenos Aires have bees; we encourage beekeepers to keep hives on the farms for free. The main honey producing crop in areas are the January-flowering sunflowers. The hives survive the rest of the year on eucalyptus woods, wild flowers and the odd canola crop. Production on a good hive averages 20 kilos per year.”
Sean Cameron, Ingleby Argentina