Ingleby respects and values employees, consumers and local communities.


Farmers perform one of the most important rural social functions. We are proud of this, and want to protect our communities and our reputation. Good social and environmental farming is a matter of honour.

Producing nutritious and safe food

We produce safe and nutritious food for the market. Traceability is important, and we keep detailed records of how we farm.


Our sustainability practices can potentially be undermined by the food industry. We therefore work with companies with strong environmental or social policies.


In New Zealand we have arranged meat quality workshops with our partners in the market to find out how we can optimise animal welfare and meat quality throughout the distribution chain.




Skilled, motivated farm teams

We are able to attract skilled people. People, who love the land and are committed to the intelligent management of the earth’s resources, and who know how to sustain healthy soils.


We are equal opportunity employers, encouraging women applicants and creating equal and fair working atmospheres welcome to all.


We realize that to turn a farm or a forests into the very best can take a generation, and we realize that none of our goals can be reached without the enthusiasm of our Ingleby teams worldwide.

Supporting the local communities

We are newcomers to different cultures, and we recognise our obligations.


We try to engage with local communities, charities and politicians, and, where we can, we contribute to community projects and charitable organisations.


In Romania we are supporting local schools and kindergartens with teaching materials and toys. Some of the school children

live in modest dormitories at the school during the week as they cannot afford to go back and forth between their homes and the school. We therefore also provide monthly deliveries of food and goods to the dormitories to be used in the daily cooking.


Being good neighbours

We want to be good neighbours. By encouraging public access and organising on-site community cultural events, we will help our neighbours enjoy the land.


Ingleby’s South American properties have a wide array of wildlife, from birds to four-legged creatures, all adding to the essential ecology of this spectacular and ever-changing landscape.


For this reason, we have published Ingleby Wild, a guide for all who venture into our farms in Argentina or Uruguay and want to decipher the natural treasures within them. You can find the guide here

Ingleby scholarships

Our long term success depends on the skills and the commitment of our employees on all levels.


In our planning for the future, we see that there will undoubtedly be a shortage of  young skilled farm managers to care for our land. We therefore support scholarships in Farm Management in Australia and New Zealand.


In the United States we support the local high school students with a scholarship for university, college, or vocational or trade school. The goal of this scholarship is to motivate students to perform in high school and to give them an opportunity to continue with higher education.



We believe that good social and environmental farming is a matter of honour