Our approach

We believe that good social and environmental farming is a matter of honour, and high farm yields will both feed the world and protect the environment.


We believe in sustainable farming, and we address the environmental and social impacts of our agricultural and forestry activities.


Economic argument

We believe environmentally and socially good practices support profits. They can increase yields, farms' capital values and their potential for alternative enterprises. They can also improve team productivity and staff retention, and lower economic risks, both in the short and long term.

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Social argument

Ingleby respects and values employees, consumers and local communities. Farmers perform one of our most important social functions. We are proud of this, and want to protect our communities and our reputation. Good social and environmental farming is a matter of honour.

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Environmental argument

As stewards of the environment, we use our skills to develop new practices and technologies, which in turn help us in saving resources and minimising our impact on the land. In the farming world and beyond, we want to be an example of 'doing well by doing good'.

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